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Yesterday I saw this little boy at work, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. He was maybe 4, having the time of his life with his big sister, also dressed as Elsa. I wanted to run to the parents, hug them and tell them “Parenting done right!!”

I wanted badly to go to him and talk to him buuut I was stuck at my position for safety reason. I hope he had a blast at the park and that my fellow cast members made his day outstanding!!

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I’m doing an easter egg hunt for my cousins and someone is gettin a meatball

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Elsa Frozen Lenticular Cover

I managed to secure 2 steelbooks of frozen. 1 Version is Olaf and the other is the Ultimate Edition which contains the gifs as one of the covers and another lenticular cover with Elsa on the back of the slip cover

Steelbooks are special metal detailed cases that store blu-ray discs.

Might cost a lot but there are only a few hundred of these going to be printed worldwide.

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